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Huzk Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. Huzk remains committed to respecting your privacy while you use our website. The policy below is applicable to our site visitor information collection practices.

Definitions of Terms

Any information relating to a natural person is termed “Personally Identifiable Information” (or “PII”). Either indirectly or directly, this information, used in combination with other information available or likely available to a corporate body, is capable and can possibly identify such a person.

Information We Collect

Unless you choose to fill out and submit your information on our website through our specifically provided forms, interactive live chat features, or other means, Huzk does not collect Personally Identifiable Information about you. In order to provide our visitors with a better experience and usability, we do automatically collect certain information. When you visit our website, we collect the operating system you use, your IP address, and the browser you are using in order to provide a better, more personal experience.

Huzk shall only process the information we receive in order to pursue legitimate business interests to establish communications with possible clients/customers and other persons with general, business related inquiries.

Normal Information Usage About You

To improve our website, we use certain information to analyze our site usage.

Any Personally Identifiable Information you provide, we use to respond to your inquiry or process an application form you completed on our website. We may also use it to respond to legal process or as required by law in response to a subpoena, law enforcement agency, court order, to take action against any potential threat to the physical safety of a person or any illegal activity.

Our Information Sharing Policy

We may share your Personally Identifiable Information within Huzk, authorized third-party agents in any part of the world, or our business partners for purposes of data enrichment, storage, processing, or to provide services to a transaction that was requested, after ensuring that such entities are they, themselves bound contractually by data privacy obligations. You have the right to know the type of business we disclose your information to on a per request bases.

If and when we transfer Personally Identifiable Information outside of the EU, it is either to countries determined by the European Commission to have an adequate level of protection, or have been determined to have in place the appropriate safeguards.

Your Privacy Rights

Visitors to our site may have certain rights pertaining to their Personally Identifiable Information that are provided under applicable law. These rights are:

  • The right to request access to your Personally Identifiable Information and related processing activities.
  • The right to request that any inaccurate or incomplete Personally Identifiable Information be rectified.
  • The right to request that your Personally Identifiable Information be erased under certain circumstances.
  • The right to request that your Personally Identifiable Information processing be restricted under certain circumstances.
  • The right to object to having your Personally identifiable Information be processed under certain circumstances.
  • The right to receive from us, a controller, your provided Personally identifiable Information in a machine-readable, commonly used format under certain circumstances.
  • The right to report a complaint to a supervisory authority.
  • The right to contact us at any time to withdraw your provided consent.

Should you wish to exercise your rights in respect to the articles listed above regarding your Personally Identifiable Information, please use the contact section provided below. As required by law, we will respond to you within the appropriate time.

Opt Out and Withdrawal Rights

Huzk respects your privacy and provides you the option during any information-collection activities to refuse to provide your Personally Identifiable Information. You have the right to opt-out of having your personal information shared with third parties on a per request bases.

The option to subscribe / opt-in to new alerts, marketing content, and newsletters, is yours. You can opt-out of such communication options by clicking the link marked “unsubscribe” at the bottom of email newsletters or alerts you have received from us. Huzk Ltd will respect your wishes and adhere to your communications preferences.

Authenticity Responsibility

Huzk, Inc will not be responsible for the authenticity of the information you provide and it is your duty to ensure the information you provide is authentic.

Cookies and other technologies

We use cookies on our website. A cookie allows a website to remember who you are by placing a text-only string of information on your computer’s hard disk that is transferred to your browser. To review how we use and collect cookie data on our site, please read our Cookie Policy.

Data Storage and Retention Policy

Your Personally Identifiable Information is stored in our databases on servers of cloud-based data management services with which Huzk engages.

Huzk Ltd will keep your PII to pursue business purposes and it will be kept in line with our data retention policies.

Any PII that is received from prospective clients / customers will be retained for the entire duration of the prospective clients’ / customers’ business relationship with Huzk Ltd

Protection of Minor’s Information

The Huzk website, is not aimed or directed to children under sixteen (16) years of age. Huzk Ltd does not knowingly solicit Personally Identifiable Information or market its services to anyone under the age of sixteen (16). If you have reason to believe that we have received information from a minor, please contact us as soon as possible and we will make all reasonable efforts to remove that information from our database.

Links to Outside / Third Party Websites

The Huzk website, may have links to other websites, including social media platforms and third party sites, whose data collection and information gathering practices are different from ours. Huzk does not control those privacy practices or sites, and you should read the privacy notices associated with any outside website. Huzk Ltd does not make any representations, nor do we endorse, third-party websites.

Our Continued Commitment to Your Security

To safeguard the information we collect, Huzk Ltd uses appropriate technical, administrative, and physical procedures. To ensure that all matters relating to Personally Identifiable Information are processed lawfully and fairly, Huzk, takes reasonable steps in its PII dealings. As long as there is a business requirement, or if required under other applicable laws, Huzk may retain your PII.

Anti-Money Laundering & Know Your Counterparty (KYC)

This policy confirms [Huzk Ltd]’s commitment to prevent money-laundering and the financing of terrorism in its business practices and transactions. Money laundering is the process of disguising the financial proceeds of crime to conceal their illegal origin. The financing of terrorism is any kind of financial support to those who attempt to encourage, plan or engage in terrorism.

[Huzk Ltd] has established Know Your Counterparty (KYC) procedures to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism. These procedures allow us to identify every organisation that we deal with, to understand the legitimacy of our business relationships and to identify and react to unusual or suspicious activity.

[Please note: If this policy will be made public ie on your website, it is not recommended to name the senior manager responsible but to either put their title or function only.]

[Please note: Make sure that your KYC policy and procedures are overseen by a suitably qualified and experienced individual with:

  • expertise in your industry,
  • awareness of key counterparties; and
  • good knowledge of money laundering techniques, including how they might be used in your industry’s transactions and areas of operation]

To support our KYC policy and procedures, [Huzk Ltd] has developed a KYC form which we send to all our counterparties (this is our business partners: suppliers and customers) to collect relevant business information to identify risks of money-laundering. We require the form to be completed for all existing and new counterparties.

[Please note: If your KYC forms have been combined with your supply chain information requests for COP7 on Due Diligence, you should note this here.]

By collecting and reviewing the information in completed KYC forms, [Huzk Ltd] commits to

  • establishing the identity of our counterparties
  • checking that our counterparties are not considered high-risk (this means checking whether counterparties are based in FATF high-risk jurisdictions, named on government sponsored watchlists or international (UN) sanctions lists, or if they source from conflict-affected and high-risk areas (CAHRAs))
  • maintaining an understanding of the nature and legitimacy of all our counterparties’ businesses
  • maintaining KYC records for at least five years
  • maintaining records of all single or linked cash (or cash-like) transactions above 10,000GBP
  • monitoring transactions for unusual or suspicious activity – this type of activity will cause the counterparty to be considered high-risk.

If counterparties are considered high-risk for any reason (for example named on a sanctions list or engaging in unusual activity) we may:

  • Cease trading with the counterparty
  • Identify the beneficial owners of the counterparty and check whether the beneficial owners are on any watchlists or sanctions list
  • Make an on-site visit to the high-risk counterparty.

[Please note: It is the responsibility of each member to add details and information specific to its procedures and actions to meet the KYC policy. This may include reference to:

  • additional legal requirements and how they’re met
  • how you report suspicious activity to the (named) designated authority
  • the training you give to relevant employees
  • whether you use a KYC database, software program or other service as part of your KYC procedures
  • any monitoring controls that are in place.]

Addressing of Grievances

Any complaint or grievance relating to the processing of information, should be sent in writing to Huzk. Please see below for contact information.

Filing a Grievance:
Email: [email protected]
244 Chase Road,
N14 6HH
London, United Kingdom

Policy Changes

From time to time, this policy may change. Please check back periodically for any updates or changes to this page.

This document was last updated on 15.07.2022